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The connectivity that we rely upon in daily life

We are used to communicating all the time, not being connected makes us feel incredibly cut off from the real world.

However, services from traditional carriers – give limited access to the internet at a substantial cost. The rising costs of ever increasing data charges would seriously curtail communications. What’s more, many of the carriers’ remotest operational networks – either have very unreliable or limited mobile coverage, or none whatsoever.

The struggle for bandwidth is going to be even more gruelling as the number of tablets and smartphones continue to explode.


Connected life made easier

To help cut data costs and our need to be always connected, Joispot turned to wireless network to deliver the smooth, broad, deep data coverage that we all say and believe we want.

Wi-Fi technology could bring more than just a chance to check Facebook, we believe connectivity could improve many lives—especially the poor.


Eliminate the hassles of staying connected on the go

We aim to blanket cities in wireless signals, installing millions of access points which can be scalable to sizes of our magnitude.

In a nutshell, Free WiFi extended to nearly every metropolitan area, along with many rural areas, dramatically altering the dynamics of communiation such that you're never too far from being able to connect wirelessly to the Internet.


Make India Super-Connected

While the government is theoretically capable of deploying a nationwide wireless network, massive government projects tend to cost much more and take far longer to implement than what is budgeted. WiFi implementation studies and planning alone could take years to develop. Suffice it to say, a nationwide wireless project of this magnitude will take a very long time get off the ground.

So, we made our own arrangements developing the network infrastructure on rolling out Wi-Fi to make access to the Internet free and easy for millions of people across India.

We have already begun deploying free WiFi hotspots with great success in selected cities/towns to provide WiFi coverage that is faster than that of traditional carriers.

We are working to make India Super-Connected, making it one of the best digitally connected countries in the world.


If access to free WiFi helps to make lives better, what’s not to like?

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